We do most landscaping jobs and small-mid size construction jobs.


When you are searching for a Landscape Contractor in the Bay Area, There is no better resource than Top Construction and Landscape.  We are known throughout the Bay Area as one of the most experienced and affordable landscaping contractors. We bring our ideas to the table and add to what our customers want us to accomplish. TCL holds a highly experienced team that you can trust. We’ve got the best price tags on any outdoor work such as retaining walls, sod, irrigation, planting concrete, etc. Let's meet and we will show you the reason why TCL is known as the best landscaping service around.  Our customer service has grown and as a professional quality service, offering the best of our effort with quality and customer trust being our top priorities.  Our licensed trades also allow us to renovate your front/back yard.

Big or Small Bobcat Service
Concrete Removal And Haul
Stamped Colored Concrete, Aggregate, City Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter, Broom Color Finish, Salt Finish Concrete
Pavers, Flagstone, Tile, Brick, Slate
Block wall, Retaining Walls, Rock Walls
Decks, Pergolas, Gazebos, Patios
Install out door Low Voltage Lighting
Install Switches and Outlets
Pathways, Roads
SOD Installation Warranty with New Irrigation
Trees, Plants and Flowers
Handicap Ramps
Tree Trimming Yard Clean Up and Hauling
Sewer Lines
Water Mainlines


We are a high-quality service in the bay area. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality work to our valued customers. We meet and exceed our goals of staying trustworthy to our customers.  We deliver quality and professional workmanship to any size of project in your dream home.

We count on our team planners and designers to ensure large projects such as these are well thought out before we even work on your property.  Understanding your needs is very important to us to deliver the home you've always dreamed of.  Whatever project you can envision, we can provide.

Contact TCL for your home improvement needs and association maintenance service.

General Clean up, Janitorial
Concrete Footing
Any type of Concrete Work
Main Water Lines Replacement and Repair